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Decals can be applied to windows, Laptops, Tool boxes, phones etc


1) Clean the area to be applied to. If you use windex or other chemical finish the cleaning with water to remove any residue.

2) Dry the area to be applied to.

3) Use a credit card to burnish the decal on the shiny transfer tape side. This means with the card at a 45 degree angle use a smooth action pressing the decal to the sheet.

4) Starting at 1 corner slowly peal back the shiny transfer tape. The decal should be releasing from the paper and coming up with the  clear  tape. If you see any of the decal sticking to the paper carefully burnish on the clear transfer tape to press the reluctant section of decal.

5) Position the decal on the clear transfer tape to the item you are transferring to. Burnish the transfer tape covering the whole area of the decal. Starting at 1 corner slowly roll back the transfer tape and the decal should transfer to the item. if any of the decal seems reluctant to transfer burnish the transfer tape over the reluctant area and keep rolling back the tape.

This is my laptop which took about 10 minutes to transfer the decals.

Take your time don't rush.

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